Unsecured Business loan
Terms are usually 3- 24 months. Longer terms are available depending on the strength of the application.
Loan Sizes $5000 – $300 000
Repayment Options: Daily or Weekly Direct Debit from nominated bank account.
Minimum Required Documentation : Photo ID. 3 months bank business bank statements. Loans application over $100k will require additional financials.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
New Business must be trading for 6 months, existing business 3 months with a minimum of $6000 per month in revenue.

How do I Apply?
Please complete our online application form.

Our Process
Grocapital application is simple and easy. Visit our website submit application online. Provide supporting documents. Assessment by our credit team, we will contact you if we have any additional questions. Application assessed and if approved the agreement is sent to client for signing. Funding will then be  transferred into the customers nominated bank account.

How Much can I borrow?
This is dependent on your business’s cash flow, health and revenue.

Does GroCapital charge for the loan application?

NO. We will not charge you for submitting a loan application. Your application is completely free and you can choose to commit to the loan when you are ready.

How do our loans compare to other business funding options?
GroCapital Benefits business with fast easy funding solutions.

Advantages of GroCapital
We can fund your loan a lot quicker than a normal lender.  Grocapital provides unsecured loans, this type of loan do not require any security and the loan application is based on the health of your business and creditworthiness. Mainstream lenders/banks do not traditionally offer unsecured business loans and they view this lending as higher risk with minimal returns. You may have a default against your name, we can help! You cannot access funds as your overdraft limit has been reached, we can still help!

What can I use funds for?
The loan can be used for any business purpose. Some examples:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Hire new staff
  • Open New locations – renovate existing location.
  • Purchase equipment – Machinery
  • Purchase stock or inventory
  • Tools – Machinery
  • Buy or upgrade equipment
  • Operating expenses – Cash flow.
  • Meet ATO arrears – Meet BAS obligations (lending parameters apply)

What industries do we lend to?

  • Hospitality
  • Retail & Fashion
  • Manufacturing
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Automotive
  • Trades & Labor
  • Cleaning Services
  • Many more industries – Contact us to see if we can help!

What is the Interest Rate?
The interest rate applied to the loan is dependent on each individual business application. No business is the same, we assess your application, assess the cashflow, the health of the business and then confirm the amount we can lend, the repayments include all the fees and interest charges.

How Do I Make Repayments?
The repayments are made daily or once a week via a direct debit arrangement.

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